Learn Different Pai Gow Betting Strategy To Win the Game


Pai Gow Poker is one of many variations of the venerated game of table poker today that has exceedingly travelled far and wide in terms of popularity across the globe. Though it appeared to be a somewhat complicated game in a glimpse, the fact remains that learning more about it can increase your potential in winning it and earn gracious and incredibly generous rewards. May it be on a brick and mortar establishment or a web-based one, you'll have a fair equal amount of chance in winning as soon as you set your mind on accumulating more knowledge about various pai gow betting strategy.

Though not many have an illustrious set of Pai Gow Betting Strategy, the most dedicated player will undoubtedly scour the internet and search for nothing short of the best strategies that will surely help him or her win a game. If you're one of them then you're just in the right place since a few of the strategies that could help you in the game mentioned will be featured in this article.

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First and foremost, it is essential for you to be familiarized about how the game works. The game runs on the standard 52-card deck but with an additional bug or most commonly, a joker. In many games joker may act as a wild card that you can substitute for any other cards in the deck, but in Pai Gow, it can only be exchanged for a card that can help you earn a flush or a straight, or for an ace. Also, the player here receives 7 cards rather than 5.

There are various strategies that you can implore during the game, however, there are some basic ones that will surely play a huge role for any beginner or seasoned players. The first one is when you're faced in a situation when you're lacking with the winning hands - flush, straight or even a pair - when this happens, the highest card on your hand should be placed on the high hand while the two highest cards following it should be placed on your low hands. When you have two pairs where the other are kings or aces, you should split, however, if you get deuces, you should play it together while the next two cards that follows its rank should be placed on your low hand. There are far more pai gow betting strategy in the internet that can undeniably aid you in winning this game and if you have locked your sites on it, you'll surely be able to triumph.