Online Pai Gow Games, Intro Strategies, Tips and Tricks For Real Money Gambling


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Online Pai Gow Poker

In some online casinos Pai Gow is referred to as double hand poker. The game has some unique features and is one of the few casino titles that uses the joker card. The game is played using a regular 52 card deck and the goal is to beat the dealer's hand.

The objective of the game is to make two poker hands with the 7 cards you are dealt. You have a hand with two cards and a hand with five cards. With your two card hand you can only make a pair or a high card. Most players will aim for a high card ace, a pair will nearly always guarantee your win. Hands are compared against the dealer's hand. Each hand is compared separately. Ties are won by the dealer.

The hand rankings usually follow traditional poker but it is important to check the rules with the online casino you choose to play Pai Gow at as there are some exceptions. Always choose the online casino that offers the greatest no deposit bonus promotion. Check over here if you want to find easy and safe access to the best bonus deals on the internet.

You can start learning and practicing Pai Gow Poker on free tables, and when you are ready to try it in real money casinos, you can take advantage of no deposit bonuses that can give you up to $100 free bankroll to start playing without risk, but with the possibility to win money if you are good and lucky.

Pai Gow Strategy

The best strategy is to get the highest two card hand as you can. Your five card hand must be stronger than your two card hand. Online Pai Gow usually has a wild joker that you can use to complete a straight or a flush or as an ace. You cannot use the joker to make a pair in your two card hand. If you aren't sure how to arrange your cards it is a good idea to click the "house way" button. This is how the dealer's cards are organized and it is the preferred choice.

Choosing the Best Online Casinos

Looking for online casinos that offer Pai Gow games can be a chore and you might not know which one to pick. This is where we can help. All the online casinos listed on our site have been tested and reviewed. We only list those sites that are licensed and regulated and adhere to our strict guidelines. For all the high-roller players, we have the perfect match bonus casinos, to double the winnings and outcomes. It's essential to determine your game level before you get into high stakes games. Pick one of our Pai Gow casinos and you can enjoy all the fun in free play mode before you play for real money.

Pai gow is an American version of a Chinese domino game played with a deck of 52 cards. The game has fairly simple rules and can be played by up to 7 people with a low-risk game outcome. Most land-based and some online casino sites offer the game as a variant of poker offering players great rewards and better chances of honing their skills at the game.

Online casino sites such give every player an opportunity to try their luck with the game of Pai Gow. Signing up with their selection of casino websites is a good way to start a career in chance-based games which would ultimately be rewarding. Pai gow is a simple poker game played with a standard deck of cards. Online casino sites such as the one at this link offer a variety of poker games including pai gow.

Pai Gow is a recent invention Bell Card Club owner Sam Torosian. The game is not well-known amongst poker players although it is offered in most casino sites as an interesting variant of poker. Sam Torosian's variation of the poker game became a success in his casino and was adapted by other gambling houses.

The Difference of Pai Gow from Other Poker Games

Poker is a card game with different variants and can be played in various location-based or online gaming sites. Games such as 5-Card Stud, Omaha, High/Low Chicago, Texas Hold'em, and Pai Gow are some of its variants. The difference between these popular poker games is the number of cards each player is handed, and specific variation to the rules and card combinations.

Being one of the most popular game in both online and live casinos Pai Gow can be a fun and interesting game to indulge yourself in.

On a typical Pai Gow poker game, 52 cards are used including one joker which is a wild card. Every player is handed seven cards creating a combination of 5 high cards than the remaining 2 low hand cards. The joker can be used as an ace, or to complete a certain hand such as a straight, flush, straight flush, or royal flush.

Before a deal happens, every player must put a wager and the dealer will deal with each player handing them 7 cards each. One similarity Pai Gow has with other poker games is it uses the standard ranking rules with only one exception. A straight combination of A2345 is considered as the highest second straight and not the first.

The five-hand card is ranked based on the standard poker rules with the 5-card hand having a higher value than the 2 other cards. Winning both comparisons mean winning the bet and certain other rules apply to determine who wins in cases of ties.

What makes Pai Gow different from other casino games is that a player can be against the dealer and other participants in the game. Acting as the "bank" rotates amongst the players and can be turn-bases between each player and the dealer.

The Odds of Winning in a Game of Pai Gow

There are certain strategies a player can use to increase his chances of winning the game. Acting as the bank is one way to increase those chances and can be a way to have an edge over other players.

A strategic betting can also influence the outcome of the game. When you are playing as the bank increasing your bet can have a tremendous effect as opposed to one acting as a player. Increasing the size of your wager when you are the bank would make your odds better in winning a game of Pai Gow.

It is also important to understand that Pai Gow has low-risk returns and a player's profits may take some time to accumulate. Bonus bets can be a way to increase chances of higher returns as it involves getting paid by another player with a good hand.

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