A Word About Pai Gow Rules - A Poker Game For Up To 7 Players!


Pai Gow is a casino game for up to seven players based on the ancient Chinese Domino game, but played with Poker combinations. Pai Gow Rules dictate that a pack of 52 cards is used along with one Joker. This is a Wild card that can be used to complete a flush or straight flush, a straight or only as an Ace.

According to Pai Gow Rules, on each deal it's the other players versus the Dealer, and before each deal, the players put up their stake. Seven cards are then distributed to each player. Other than the Dealer, all players then look at their cards and then arrange them to form two hands. A five card hand and a two card hand.

The values of the five card hands as one might expect are the same as in Poker, although there is one exception and that is with an Ace,2,3,4,5 hand. It's the second highest kind of straight flush or straight, and ranks second to Ace,King,Queen,Jack,10, however 5 Aces beats a straight flush.

With the two card hand any unmatched cards are beaten by any pair. When the player receives his seven cards, he goes about arranging them so that the five card hand is higher than that of the two. For example if he'd made a pair out of his two card hand, he would need at least two pairs in his 5 card hand or better.

In Pai Gow rules, when all players' two hands are placed face down, then the Dealer's cards are exposed for them to form their two hands in the same way. The players then one at a time, turn over their two hands and the result determined for each player's 5 and 2 card hand versus the Dealer's.

Since the Dealer wins tied hands, for a fair game for all, during each session everyone needs to deal an equal number of times. Be sure to keep track!